Tucson Scrap Metal Buyers

Ecology Recycling in Tucson serves the rail industry with a quick response 24 hour 100% mobile crew that handles derailments and rail yard clean ups in; Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Western Texas. Our team uses excavators, one with a shear head the other with a magnet to cut and remove rail cars.

Our team can also demolish steel buildings and handle site clean up.

Roll Off Box Service

We have now added roll off box service to our Tucson clients to purchase your scrap metals. We will quickly deliver a box to your residential or commercial location then pick it up and send the scrap to the steel mills. We can haul up to 12 tons or DOT regulations. 

What We Won’t Take

We do not accept hazardous materials, spent ammunition, oil or sealed containers such as drums or tanks etc.



Our On-Call Mobile Crew is 24/7

Our Roll Off Box service operates 6 days a week Monday to Saturday 5AM – 4PM