Our Fleet

The Commodity and Waste Hauling Division is the largest transportation division of Ecology, operating over 400 trucks and 970 trailers of various types and configurations to match the material being transported.

Trailers Available to Service

Extreme Duty End Dumps

These are heavy duty dumps used to capture and transport materials from job sites or manufacturing facilities that have concrete, rep rock, scrap metal, plastics, junked cars, etc. These trailers are self-offloading. 

Aluminium End Dumps

These dumps are used to load and carry larger loads of lighter metals like Aluminium. These trailers are self-offloading.

 Lifelor with live hydraulic walking floors

These dumps are used for carrying and transporting lighter trash like solid waste, green waste and mulch, and other recyclable materials. These dumps are self-loading and self-offloading.


These dumps are primarily used for dumping solid waste into landfills. 

Bottom Dump Trailers

These trailers allow top loading of waste and can be moved to an elevator or rail sitting where the waste material can be dropped beneath the trailer into rail cars or moved into other storage areas.


Tankers are used to transport liquid materials for recycling or for specialty material hauling.

Belt Trailers

Belt Trailers are used to load and transport light aggregate materials and bottles.

Dry Vans

Dry vans are bulk containers that are used for the loading of recycling or waste materials for later hauling.

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From as far east as Texas and throughout the Mountain and Western United States, Ecology’s Commodity and Waste Hauling Division moves mountains of waste and recycling materials every day.

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