Mesquite Intermodal Facility

Our Mesquite Intermodal Facility is centrally located between Yuma, Blythe, Imperial Valley and Mexicali.

With over 2 miles of rail we are capable of shipping full unit trains (200-240 containers) straight to the LB/LA harbor’s for export or for the domestic market potentially saving thousands in trucking costs as well as minimizing logistic difficulties. We are capable of handle shipping containers (40ft & 20ft) and also manifest rail cars (hoppers, box cars, flat’s and gondolas) for either load or unload purposes at our site depending on the need. Coupled with Ecology’s existing trucking fleet and our vast background in loading/unloading rail cars we are confident our service will be second to none and more than capable of handling your needs.


6330 East Highway 78, Brawley, CA 92227

The Intermodal Facility is located along State Route 78 (SR 78) in Imperial County approximately 5 miles northeast of Glamis, CA. Distances from other points of interest include:

Highway Miles:

  • 32 miles from Brawley, CA via SR 78
  • 45 miles from Yuma, AZ via Interstate 8, Ogilby Road, and SR 78
  • 55 miles from Blythe, CA via SR 78
  • 47 miles from US Port of Entry – Calexico East (commercial truck gate), via SR 7, Interstate 8, SR 115, and SR 78

Rail Miles:

  • 220 miles to Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach
  • 1,250 miles to Port of Houston


Facility Description

A private, 4.5 mile rail spur from UPRR’s Sunset Line to the Intermodal Facility. The rail spur is located on a 200-foot wide Right-of-Way granted by the Bureau of Land Management. One mile-long siding at property boundary to allow for staging of trains

  • Two separate, one mile-long strip tracks for loading and unloading
  • One run around track
  • Yard lighting for nighttime operations
  • Electricity and water available; Fire suppression system for rail yard
  • Approximately 30-acre area surrounding the tracks for use as a lay down yard
  • Acreage available for warehousing, container storage and minor onsite processing activities

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No other company can provide a lower out of port transportation cost than Ecology’s Intermodal division.


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